How to transport cars outside dubai


It might be upsetting to travel to the United Arab Emirates, drive about in your vehicle, and then must give it up when you move. Though it’s a difficult decision, you don’t have to give up the car you love, after all, things like cars and other automobiles we buy are the things that contain most of our memories, and achievements, of our journey and personal life. Or maybe you went to explore Dubai for your trip, loved a luxury car and you bought it but giving it up may be a sour experience for many. So, in this article, we will discuss how you can transport your vehicle from Dubai to outside countries. You can effortlessly export it to any location you like thanks to the various choices available. However, because there is a lot of work to be done, some individuals think it will be a burden and depart with their priceless possessions. We’ll explain how simple it is to begin exporting new cars from dubai.

Ways to transport a car out of Dubai

Cars may be exported from Dubai using a variety of ways, but the three main shipping methods are the most effective, by water, air, or land. One of the best ways is through air or water transport, because if you live outside of Dubai on some different continent then it might be extremely hard for you to ship your vehicle by land. However, let’s dive into the ways you can transport your car.

Water Transport

Transporting an automobile around the globe over water is the most economical and straightforward option. On a ship, there are three different kinds of cargo ship containers.

  • Roll-on/roll-off transporters: The most affordable choice for exporting your automobile is to use a ship specifically designed for autos.
  • Dedicated container: You hire the whole container to export your vehicle. You may store anything else and your automobile here.
  • Consolidation: A single container containing two or more automobiles will be used to ship your vehicle.

Land Transport

You may select a dedicated truck to have your automobile transported if you are traveling within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to nations like Bahrain, Oman, and Saudi Arabia.

Air Transport

You should only consider shipping your luxury automobile by air if and when you own the most reliable luxury cars. Air freight is infamously costly. But speedy delivery and security are the main benefits. Your luxury vehicle will arrive at its destination considerably faster by air shipment than by sea delivery if you want to send it on an international or domestic basis. You could even be able to transport your automobile by charter jet if you have special or urgent shipping demands, as opposed to running the risk of having it delayed in transit for any number of reasons. Despite the potential cost in the thousands, this option ensures that your exotic automobile will arrive at its destination undamaged and offers a really special and quick experience.

Some Useful Tips

  • The majority of automobile delivery services have sophisticated GPS tracking equipment so they can always tell you where your car is.
  • Your vehicle may NOT be covered while being transported by your auto insurance. Examine your alternatives and learn more about vehicle transport insurance. Make sure you enquire about various insurance alternatives from your possible road transportation provider.
  • Verify that the prospective transportation provider is registered and insured with the Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Administration.
  • Typically, it takes two to three weeks for your car to get to its foreign location. As a result, be sure to thoroughly plan. A few businesses could speed up your delivery for an extra cost
  • When you obtain the quote, you have to be aware of the inquiries the shipper ought to make. It will assist you in obtaining the most precise data and evaluation possible.

Getting Your Car Ready for Shipping

  • It should be empty in your automobile. It implies that before shipping, all personal items and non-factory equipment must be removed. Everything should be taken out of any consoles or glove boxes.
  • Take out any loose objects—like antennas—that you find within the car.
  • Clean the car to ensure that any previously discovered damage is accurately inspected.
  • A set of service keys must be provided to you and your car must be in excellent operating order in order to use a roll-on/roll-off service. Make sure you have an additional set of keys for yourself.
  • Three notarized copies of the vehicle’s title are required by customs when shipping an automobile overseas. To issue an export permit if the vehicle has a security interest, you will require a notarized letter from the person holding the security interest. At the port where the car will be removed, all of the aforementioned documentation must be in place.
  • Before arranging for the shipping, take note of any existing damage on your car (if any).
  • Before transferring your automobile, it is advised that you take care of any regularly planned maintenance. It includes replenishing fluids, inspecting the brake lines, making sure the battery is completely charged, and so on.
  • Turn off any fitted anti-theft devices in your car.


Selecting the appropriate carrier for your vehicle shipment is essential if you decide you need to move it. Shipping across the nation or outside of it in a luxury vehicle might result in high mileage and needless wear and tear. By hiring a business to move your automobile, you can avoid the time and hassle of driving while also protecting your vehicle. It is difficult to carry behind a truck or van, and you may even have to weave it to and from interstate traffic if it is an expensive sports vehicle. Or perhaps you just happen to be a proud owner of a Mercedes, BMW, or Lexus. The truth is that you want to transfer your exceptional automobile securely. You may feel more at ease while having your luxury vehicle transported if you consider the points we’ve covered in this post, even if it isn’t a luxury car, it is important to you then it must be shipped harmlessly.

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