5 tips to reduce the home loan interest rates.


A home loan interest rate is a percentage rate of the principal amount that a home loan lender charges. The amount of a home loan is determined by the interest rate that is charged by financial institutions or banks.

A small change in home loan interest charge can lead to an increase in the overall interest you need to pay. If you want to avail of a home loan but are afraid of high-interest rates, then some tips will help you to reduce your home loan interest rates.

How to reduce the interest rate on home loan

Various tips help you to reduce the interest rate on your home loan.

Choose short tenure.

A home loan is an important aspect of determining how much interest you should pay. Longer tenure of a home loan ensures that you need to pay less EMI but end the process with more interest. So, if you want to save yourself from high-interest rates, then it is better to choose short tenure.

Make a higher down payment.

If you plan while buying a home, then it is good for you. According to this strategy, it is suggested to work towards the large down payments and get the benefits of a small loan amount at a lower interest rate.

Keep a good credit score.

A credit score indicates your responsibility after taking a loan. Before giving you a loan, lenders can check your credit score and provide you with a loan at a low-interest rate. If your credit score is good

Opt for home loan balance transfer.

If you think that you do not get favorable terms from a current lender, the first approach you should make is to approach to lender and ask for an interest rate reduction.

As lenders want to keep their customers happy, so they are willing to accommodate the reduction of your interest rate. You can also request the competitor’s interest rate from the bank, so your request is approved and reduces the interest rates based on your credit history. Then it would be best to transfer the loan to a new lender that provides the interest rates that meet your needs.

Consider adjusting your EMI every year.

Some lenders allow borrowers to adjust their EMI one time in a year. If your income increases or your salary increases after a year, then you can increase the EMI. Although it may seem unusual at first, increasing the EMI of your home loan, shortening the tenure, and reducing the interest rate on it will be beneficial.


Everything that you should know to lower the home loan interest rate is covered in this article. All the above points help you to reduce the home loan interest rates. These tips make it easy for you to repay the home loan amount in full. However, it is suggested to stay consistent and track the long tenure history before applying for a home loan.

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