7 tried and tested techniques to improve your sales and marketing skills


Selling is the most fundamental skill required at any job level and also for being a successful entrepreneur. Some people are afraid of the word sales, but what they don’t realize is that one has been selling your entire life, be it selling a reason to your parents to buy you a particular thing or selling the idea to your interviewer to hire you for the role.

Majorly, sales training companies in india facilitate inculcation of the art of sales and consultative selling and thereby help a salesperson to bring revolutionary change within his sales processes.

All these come under the umbrella of sales. Everything said and done, and sales skills need to be polished to become successful in sales – one needs to know how to provide a solution to every problem related to his product or service and should be able to convince the customer that this is the best deal and no one can give you a better deal and to prove the customer that this product or service is a value addition for his organization.

To reach their targets, sales personnel need to be a master of their products and have the market expertise and network to reach as many people as possible. In addition, they ought to be excellent at messaging and reaching people. For this, developing the right sales skills results in meaningful conversations with every client, which in turn helps ease the sales process.

To be a successful sales and marketing person, one needs to have a particular set of skills that help you differentiate from the rest.

In a certain case study, it was found that employees that are subject to sales and marketing training were able to register more business as compared to others and thereby creating an increase in the profit margins of their respective organizations.

We are going to discuss ten techniques or skills that are covered in most sales and marketing courses to help any salesperson to put his best foot forward in front of the client:

  1. Effective communication:Only when a salesperson has developed his communication skills to a pro-level can they improve their sales and relate better to their prospective clients and vice versa. The aspects of effective communication by a salesperson are covered in the following –Listening, focusing on solutions, reading body language, relating your pitch with the prospect’s tone, etc. Listening is really important as only then can a salesperson understand the pain points that need to be addressed through your sales. After one has identified the problems, the next step is to help the client with the best available solution so that they can add value. An added advantage for a salesperson is that he can read the prospect’s body language and interpret his next step. And the last part about effectively communicating is that the salesperson should be completely in line with his prospect and should match his product or service to his words and ideology, which will help him create trust and understanding with the prospect.
  2. Art of prospecting: When a salesperson prospects, he seeks out prospective customers for his business via a variety of tools. The common methods used to prospect are cold calling, referrals, trade shows, or directories. It becomes important for a salesperson to prospect as it is a virtual necessity for companies to retain existing customers and attract new customers.
  3. Targeting the right market segments: This is the process of qualifying companies (or people) groups based on certain attributes that react in the same fashion to similar marketing strategies. A marketing strategy is mainly influenced by what your product is all about and the type of existing customers. Ideal market segments are generally measurable, large enough to earn profit, stable market, one that can be easily tapped through market strategies, etc.
  4. Business Insight: It is never about the right opportunity but about how one handles the right opportunity. This is why every salesperson must be ready at any given point with his homework i.e., knowledge about his product, everything about the market, the competition in the market, people’s reactions to their products, etc. For all of this, an organization needs to bridge the gap between sales and marketing teams so that this information is exclusively available to both, and any of them can make use right use of the available insights.
  5. Presentation Skills:According to a famous saying – Knowledge is useless without the ability to communicate it! This is very true for sales professionals; all the hard work that has been put into market research by them and the marketing team goes to waste if the salesperson is unable to engage the customer through his pitch. Along with the engagement, the prospect should be interested, and this can be achieved through storytelling. This needs to be mastered through thorough practice.
  6. Master of Negotiation: It is non-negotiable not to develop your negotiation skills as a sales representative. Every sales negotiation should be a win-win for both parties to make it easier for the customer to make his decision. Key skill sets for negotiation are to go prepared, be a good listener, learn to handle objections, keep your emotions in check, know when to walk away, and most important close a negotiation.
  7. Curious soul: The art of curiosity enables a salesperson to reach their full potential while he’s connecting with the client at a deeper level. Only curiosity within a salesperson leads to meaningful conversation, removes assumptions, makes you a strong leader, opens the door to possibilities, and promotes collaboration.

To conclude, there’s a saying: “nothing happens without a sale.” Hence, developing and training yourself to achieve the right skill set for sales and learning to apply the same is essential to crack the jackpot in sales and marketing. Of course, there are various ways to increase revenue and profits for a company, but no one has more control over those than sales personnel within your organization.

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