Excessive Alcohol Consumption Causes Brain Shrinkage And Damage


Alcohol is harmful to the body, especially when consumed in excess. Drinking excessively or binge drinking five or more days in a row can cause long-term brain damage that also affects other body parts. Simultaneously, when a person who has grown dependent on alcohol unexpectedly stops drinking, they go through the stages of alcohol withdrawal and experience the associated symptoms.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can become dangerous and even life-threatening, making it risky to handle on your own. Hence, getting into rehab for professional help is the best decision.

Supportive groups like Detox to Rehab provide a list of good rehab centers in the US to help every person overcome the addiction that they are battling. They are aware that people experiencing alcohol withdrawal: symptoms of alcohol withdrawal syndrome have to go through a process of transformation to improve their health and achieve their personal goals. Be a part of Detox to Rehab to start your journey of being sober.

How does alcohol damage the brain?

Alcohol enters the body through the stomach and intestine and then circulates through the blood to various organs. An increase in blood alcohol levels due to binge drinking spikes the liver’s capacity to absorb alcohol.

Hence, extra alcohol leaves the liver and travels to other organs like the heart and central nervous system. Alcohol then crosses the blood-brain barrier and directly affects and even destroys the neurons in the brain. Brain receptors and neurotransmitters are slowed down which causes slurred speech, imbalanced movements, and slower reaction times.

Brain damage due to alcohol

Alcohol addiction causes brain alteration, especially in the learning, reward, and memory areas, which can have an impact on cognitive and behavioral pattern resulting in dysfunctional thinking and dangerous actions.

The popular term “wet brain” is a disorder, Wernicke Korsakoff Syndrome (WKS) that belongs to brain injury due to alcohol. It causes:

  • Confusion
  • Trouble in coordinating movements
  • Paralysis of eye muscles
  • Learning disabilities
  • Forgetfulness

It is never too late to join a rehab to overcome alcoholism rather than risk your life due to permanent brain damage and other health problems. Talk to a treatment provider to find options for detoxification or alcohol rehab.

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