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Web accessibility to everyone who visits your site is a legal mandate that you cannot ignore. According to the provisions of the ADA and the WCAG guidelines, your site needs to be accessible to every user with disabilities. If you fail to comply with any of the above provisions, your company will be liable for litigation and hefty fines.

AccessiBe is an automated and simple solution for every business

AccessiBe is web accessibility overlay tool that helps you stay compliant with ADA and WCAG round-the-clock. This effective cloud solution allows you to scan, check and resolve issues about web accessibility on your site. It is equipped with artificial intelligence and automatically scans your site every 24 hours to look for new content with accessibility issues. It is simple for you to integrate into your area with just a line of JavaScript code. When it comes to maintenance and updates, you do not have to worry about it as everything is taken care of by its developer team.

Cost-effective even for small business owners 

In the past, small business owners, though aware of the stringent guidelines for web accessibility, were not equipped with the funds nor the staff to manage accessibility issues. The process was costly for them, and they could not afford the services of an in-house web development team like their larger peers in the market.

Unfortunately, they struggled with the upkeep of their sites, and manual techniques did not guarantee that the site code would not be affected when there were updates to the browser or the site.

Thanks to Accessi Be, they can now get a simple, immediate, automated, and cost-effective solution for their web accessibility needs. The tool is simple to download and install on the site. It operates in the background and fixes issues in real-time without affecting the user’s online browsing experience.

Monthly and annual subscription plans available for business owners 

Small business owners can opt for an annual subscription of $490 for this effective web accessibility solution, or they can go in for monthly subscription plans as per their budget and needs. This tool can alleviate the tensions of lawsuits and the failure to comply with ADA and WCAG guidelines. The device will scan the site every 24 hours, and even if new content is uploaded, the tool will run a scan and look for accessibility issues to fix them immediately.

If you look at the online reviews of AccessiBe, you will find that businesses are happy with its simple and affordable solution. The tool adds value to their business and successfully generates more returns on investments! They can now focus on the core tasks of their business better as they know every user, irrespective of ability, can have a seamless experience with their site. At the same time, this tool helps them establish goodwill in the market as they can reach out to a whole community of users with disabilities and boost sales opportunities in the process

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