How the Google Nest Protect Is Better Than an Ordinary Smoke Detector


It’s no news that smart products have begun to take over their ordinary counterparts in today’s day. But that wasn’t something unexpected though. As time progresses so does technology and with the invention of some of the coolest gadgets to exist, it was indeed a no-brainer that ordinary products would also become smart overtime.

The google home nest protect is one such smart device that you should ideally consider replacing your ordinary smoke detector with. American homes must have smoke alarms and detectors installed within the premises as stated by the National Fire Protection Association.

The NFPA also states several guidelines for residents to follow to maximize safety precautions. But back to why you should be replacing the ordinary smoke detector in your home with the Google Nest Protect, read on as we explain how the device differs from its ordinary counterpart.

Types of Smoke Detectors

There are ideally 2 types of smoke detectors: ionization and photoelectric.

  • Ionization

    These smoke detectors are quick to pick up on and respond to flaming fires.

  • Photoelectric

    These smoke detectors are fast at detecting smoldering fires

While both kinds of smoke detectors tend to detect the presence of different sorts of fires, you can’t exactly identify which one is more useful than the other given that they serve different purposes, but they both detect any potential hazards that are present within the premises.

The US Fire Association states that it is more important to know where to place a smoke detector rather than which type. But is that really so?

Google Nest Protect Vs the Ordinary

If the US Fire Association states that you must be vary of where you place a smoke detector rather than what type, then the perfect device would be the Google Nest Protect.

Detecting Gas Leaks and All Kinds of Fire Hazards

A smart smoke detector that combines the functions of both ionization and photoelectric smoke detectors, the Nest Protect isn’t just the perfect device because it can pick up on anything from smoldering to fast-burning fires.Instead, it can also pick up on carbon monoxide leaks. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that can be lethal for human and animal health. Where you would have had to install a separate detector for that, the Nest Protect has you covered already.

Get Real-Time Notifications forYour Smartphones

Now with regular smoke detectors, if they are interconnected then they would sound the alarm in the event of detecting any danger. But with the Nest Protect, these smart smoke detectors feature their own mobile application that is connected to your device. So in the event of detecting any potential hazards, not only do the alarms at home start ringing, but you get real-time notifications on your smartphones too.It keeps you in the loop as to whatever’s going on back home.

Easy to Switch off False Alarms

There are more features that the Nest Protect boasts, that a regular smoke detector does not have. Not only does the device have its own mobile application whereby you can control the settings of the device, but this app is what lets you turn off any false alarms.And you know how tedious of a task it is to turn off a false alarm from your regular smoke detector. With the Nest Protect, just a tap of a button on your phone and that’s it!

Nest Protect Alerts You to Where the Danger Is

Other than that, the device itself speaks up when an alarm is triggered to let those within the house know where it has detected a potential threat.

Long Lasting & Effective

The Nest Protect is said to have a 10-year lifespan, so its long-lasting sensors will keep you safe for around a decade. Take that in comparison to your ordinary smoke detectors – these may not last you as long as the Nest Protect.

In fact, when it comes down to the battery variants, compare the two and the Nest Protect is still in a better position because it alerts you through the mobile app when the battery of the device needs replacement. With our regular smoke detectors, the low battery beeping can get so annoying that we usually take the batteries out and forget to replace them altogether; that in itself poses a big threat to the safety of your home.

Is The Nest Protect Worth Buying?

If these factors stated above haven’t convinced you yet then we don’t know what will. The Nest Protect keeps your home’s safety a top priority; and while our regular smoke detectors may be doing their jobs, there are small things here and there.For instance, forgetting to replace the battery,which can become a reason for a serious problem in the house should there be any fires.

Don’t let the price tag deter you from making the purchase if you’re thinking of getting the Nest Protect for your home. Think of it as an investment!

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