A tax agent ‘s main purpose is to manage a company’s reporting obligations in order to comply with tax regulations. Thus, this professional acts as the legal representative of a company with the Administration. It plays an important role in the outsourcing of tax compliance.


Companies established outside the EU and carrying out taxable activities in France must appoint a tax representative in order to ensure the tax obligations imposed on them.

The representative is responsible for analyzing the tax situation of your company to proceed with its VAT registration, then carries out all the administrative procedures relating to VAT. He must ensure that declarations and payment are made on time. To do this, he can carry out the company’s accounts himself in the country where it must pay VAT. He can be legally responsible to the administration.

The appointment of a representative is not mandatory if you are established in the European Union. However, the services of a tax agent are necessary in the fulfillment of numerous obligations which may differ according to the legislation of the various countries.


The tax agent does not engage its own responsibility with regard to the tax authorities. Indeed, the foreign company remains solely liable for VAT. The representative then represents a council of the company and facilitates the accomplishment of the administrative procedures within the imposed deadlines. It is therefore necessary to use the services of a real VAT tax specialist who will carry out the formalities according to the requirements and practices of each country.

The service is available throughout Europe due to the obligation to appoint a representative in certain cases. Professionals offer the same services offered to foreign companies as those established within the EU, sparing them VAT calculation errors due to the subtlety of rates, deductibility rules and reporting formalities.


TEVEA International offers tailor-made support for foreign, European and French companies in fulfilling their tax obligations. The customer is at the heart of our approach, and we take care to study each situation with an outside expert eye. To meet your needs, we have developed different offers of advice and representation, including the role of tax agent . Thus, with TEVEA International, you can benefit from:

Operational advice to gather correct documents that can be received by the tax administration.

Training of your employees for better processing of all VAT-related files, in accordance with the regulations in force.

Tax representation in terms of VAT for companies, but also for individuals regarding capital gains on real estate sales.


TEVEA International performs all kinds of services relating to tax compliance, tax payments and tax calculation.

We have many years of experience in this field. Indeed, we provide you with a whole team of experts, analysts and tax consultants to help you comply with the regulations in force.

You should know that the rules relating to taxation are not the same from one country to another. If your company, for example, carries out operations in a country other than the one where it is established, you must comply with the laws.

An approved and recognized tax agent can thus represent you within the countries concerned, that is to say those which are included in the euro zone, to assert your rights.

In other words, you will benefit from private assistance by a professional to take charge of all the procedures for regularization and payment of taxes.

We advise natural or legal persons on all matters relating to their tax obligations.

TEVEA International finds in a wide range of tax liability management solutions the one that is specifically adapted to your problems, for example defining a strategy for the recovery of value added tax (VAT), outsourcing the management of capital gains, real estate values ​​or optimize their calculation.

We mobilize our skills for natural or legal person clients so that they can better understand the obligations that weigh on them, throughout the real estate tax cycle.

Recognized for their solid experience after 40 years in this field, our consultants master several areas related to taxation.

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