How Do You Make The Perfect Newborn Baby Hamper?


A new baby is an exciting addition to any family, and what better way to celebrate than with a handcrafted hamper filled with everything the unique baby needs? This comprehensive guide will teach you how to assemble the ideal newborn hamper, packed with all the necessities for both mother and child. This helpful handbook has something for everyone, from nappies to apparel!

When putting together a baby hamper, remember that most parents today appreciate quality and functionality – choose products they will use rather than items that will clutter their homes.

You may already know what the recipient desires or requires, or you may be able to inquire. However, if you’d prefer to keep it a secret, here are some ideas for crafting the perfect hamper.

The Rule of Four Gifts

If you’re not sure what you want or how much money to spend on a hamper, there’s a social media trend that parents are embracing for their children’s birthday and Christmas gifts that makes things easier. It’s known as the “four-gift rule.” It can also be used to make a meaningful hamper that both parents and newborns will love and utilize.

You can make a baby hamper using the “four-gift” method by including the following items:

  • Something they’ll like (such as a toy or baby play gym)
  • something they need (for example, muslin clothes or skin care products).
  • Something to wear (clothes, bibs, hair clips, shoes, etc.)
  • Something to read (a book, for example, or, in the case of a baby hamper, a baby record/milestone book or image cards).

You can include more things for each theme in a larger gift basket. Aim for at least three of these areas if you have a limited budget—for example, a teether toy, clothing, and a muslin cloth. You might also gift the new parents a natural diaper balm.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. Instead of cramming your hamper with cheap items, try choosing a few high-quality presents that both moms and babies love and appreciate. You may introduce them to a product or baby brand they like. Look for organic cotton, bamboo linen, apparel, and high-quality baby toys made from environmentally friendly materials.

Mum presents

Consider including a few items for Mum when making a hamper (or dad). Either a delight (such as chocolate or a luxury candle) or something useful (such as stretch mark oil/moisturizer/exfoliant). After going through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum rehabilitation, mothers require care and a pick-me-up.


If you’re making a gift basket for a baby with older siblings, consider including something for them. It is entirely optional. It is a great idea if you have the time and money or if you are close to the mother you are gifting to. It might be as simple as bringing a colouring book and pencils, play dough, hair clips, or a small toy to let them know that your congrats are also for them!

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