Paul Favret Talks About How Having An Energy Efficient Home Can Be Financially Advantageous


Energy optimization involves maximizing the manner energy is used in the home environment. This goes beyond simply using less energy at home, and focuses on expanding energy efficiency. Paul Favret mentions that there are clear environmental and financial benefits to cutting energy use at home. Energy optimization, in fact, has become a common feature many contemporary homebuyers look for when purchasing a house.

Paul Favret discusses the pros of ensuring energy efficiency at home

Ensuring energy efficiency and optimization at home is one of the best ways a person can limit their carbon footprint. Homes were responsible for 19 % of national greenhouse gas emissions in 2016 in the United States. Hence, implementing energy efficiency measures at home can be a great way to majorly reduce the emissions contribution of a family. A typical household can reduce their energy use by almost 25-30 % by simply exploring ways for more efficient energy consumption. Fortunately, today there is an expansive array of environmentally friendly household goods available in the market. Investing in dishwashers, fridge-freezers, and even televisions that are relatively energy efficient can be a prudent choice for any homeowner. If possible, families can go a step further to enjoy a truly sustainable lifestyle. They may have enhanced recycling schemes, plastic-free kitchens, and solar powered electronic devices to do their bit for the environment.

A direct consequence of having an energy efficient home is a reduction in utility bills. As one cuts down their energy consumption and invests in more energy efficient appliances, their utility bills will decrease accordingly. Paul Favret points out that anyone wanting to enjoy more savings by embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle can always make a switch to renewable energy. The price of solar panels has become pretty affordable today. Hence, depending on their location, certain homes can fully or partially switch to solar power.

Initially, energy efficient appliances may seem like an expense. But it actually becomes an investment owing to the utility savings that add up over the service life of the product. These savings can actually offset the initial price premium on energy efficient options. These products tend to offer considerable returns in comparison to conventional, non-efficient alternatives. The savings enjoyed by the homeowners will only increase over time as energy prices continue to rise in the United States. Items like advanced power strips, energy efficient lighting, and programmable thermostats, can reduce energy expenses with almost no effort on the part of the homeowners.

With every passing day, people are becoming more environmentally conscious than before. This means that future property buyers are quite likely to seek out energy efficient homes. If a person has plans to sell off their property in the future, they may secure a higher price by making the home more eco-friendly.  Each project that increases the energy efficiency of a home adds a fraction of its cost to the final selling price of the property. Many modern real estate companies are also focusing on eco-friendly features when building new homes today.

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